The Real Me?

I think it's time to write some words about the real me
I have such inspirations of just who I want to be
It started out one day in June - a day like all the rest
But by the time the sun had gone I'd set myself a test.

I was going to be me - the girl from deep inside
Before I couldn't set her free no matter how I tried
And people see just what they want and me! Well, I was fat.
Personality is never seen when all that's seen is that.

So tweezers clenched I plucked my brows - it hurt my eyes did leak
I tried the scales - they hurt me more (be better in a week)
And hair where bits of grey showed through, a colour made it shine
Oh yes my plan was going well, some make up helped define

The features that once looked so glum now seemed to have a spark
Instead of moments by the fire I now jog around the park
The weight it dropped off quickly and this happy girl inside
Came back, she smiles, enjoys a life long lost - a life she thought had died

I now love life and wish that I had found a way before
But maybe it was meant this way so I could love life more
My eyes wide open I now see that life is short soon out
Just happy now I wake in time to see what life's about

The profile in my mirror is now half way to a goal
Already I feel real inside - happy almost whole
I WILL get the way I want, I'll be all that I achieve
I am determined to have the drive, 'cos in me I now believe


cathy said...

Isn't it sad that women so often blame things going wrong on their own lack of attractiveness and not on some man's insensitivity and irresponsibility

val said...

Once again a poem that seems to speak directly to me. I haven't done the weight loss bit yet, though - but I did do the exercise at one time.