Things that go-----

In the middle of the night when things go bump
I had a thought that made me jump
Carefully, looking all around,
I hardly dared to make a sound
Stealthily searching under the bed
I looked up suddenly and cracked my head.

The winds were sighing and the moon was full
And by now my eyes were dull
Without further ado into bed I slumped
Like a ton of cement just recently dumped.

Early next morning with the sun shining bright
I stood and wondered what gave me such a fright
Was it the moon in the sky so still
Perhaps tonight I'll take a pill.


Dan said...

Maria, this is enchanting! I loved it! Reminds me a bit of Ogden Nash! He always made me smile too.

G-Man said...

I wonder where Cathy got her talent from?
Hmmmmmmm..Great job Mum!

Top cat said...

I like the rhythm and the choice of words.
Very nice.

val said...

It sounds like a familiar scenario, but better described than I've seen before.