The Rest of Us

When life seems hard and problems difficult to face
Where can you find a quiet and restful place?
Where can you pause and rest a while?
Should you shout out or should you drown in style?

When you are pressed and under stress
And you feel life is such a mess
Think of those unfortunates with no home
Think of those people ill or dying all alone.

Perhaps your life now seems easier to view
When you think of others less fortunate then you
Don't scream or shout or hope to drown
Smile take heart and wipe away that frown.


cathy said...

This is my philosophy. Thanks for giving it to me. Love you mum.

spoon said...

Well, you can tell your mom that this is just lovely!!!

Mr. φ said...

Hey, nice poem. I never really got the hold of riming, I just have trouble finding the right words matching the meaning. By the way, read my last post and give me an answer like you did in the last one. You're wise, fo sho.

mcewen said...

I think I like your mum!
[newbie visiting from Dan]