The Rest of Us

When life seems hard and problems difficult to face
Where can you find a quiet and restful place?
Where can you pause and rest a while?
Should you shout out or should you drown in style?

When you are pressed and under stress
And you feel life is such a mess
Think of those unfortunates with no home
Think of those people ill or dying all alone.

Perhaps your life now seems easier to view
When you think of others less fortunate then you
Don't scream or shout or hope to drown
Smile take heart and wipe away that frown.


Fear not for me whilst I still scream and shout
That, my friends, is what staying sane is all about,
When I grow quiet and withdrawn
And fail to greet the morrow's dewy dawn
Then can you grow concerned, as well you may,
My hopes, my loves and dreams will then have gone away,
Where now are the ambitions I once knew?
Strange, I never saw them leave - did you?

No more trips down memory lane,
I shall forget and leave behind this pain,
So come along stay in this secret and well sheltered place,
Wander round this endless well laid maze
A mind just passing - surviving at a slower pace



There are no windows in this silent place
Only rooms and corridors - only space
On the brink I hover and gaze down
Into a deep deep pool where I could drown

A drowsy peace creeps over me
And I slip nearer, nearer to the beckoning sea
All would be peace and deep tranquility
If I allow the pounding waves to keep me company
It's in the vast unknown regions where I now climb
Into the corridors of my troubled mind.


Seas restless as my unceasing dreams
Pound against the rocky shore
A sudden light a thin white beam
Slashes through the sky and lights up my front door

Thunder rolls and lightening flashes my eyes fill with tears
And I am back in time - to those troubled years
When crowds gathered so eagerly wanting to see
If a burning of a witch there would soon be.


If I have time before I die
I'll make some time to really try
To smell the grass and see the sky
And find more time to enjoy the flowers
If only for a few short hours

If I have time I'll strive to be
A more outgoing, happier me
Excuse me now for I must fly
- I may get time before I die

Farewell my friends when I am gone
And my life circle is all done
Remember how whilst still alive
I tired to find some time before I died.

The moral of the above meandering is - if you get the chance DO IT NOW!!

The Real Me?

I think it's time to write some words about the real me
I have such inspirations of just who I want to be
It started out one day in June - a day like all the rest
But by the time the sun had gone I'd set myself a test.

I was going to be me - the girl from deep inside
Before I couldn't set her free no matter how I tried
And people see just what they want and me! Well, I was fat.
Personality is never seen when all that's seen is that.

So tweezers clenched I plucked my brows - it hurt my eyes did leak
I tried the scales - they hurt me more (be better in a week)
And hair where bits of grey showed through, a colour made it shine
Oh yes my plan was going well, some make up helped define

The features that once looked so glum now seemed to have a spark
Instead of moments by the fire I now jog around the park
The weight it dropped off quickly and this happy girl inside
Came back, she smiles, enjoys a life long lost - a life she thought had died

I now love life and wish that I had found a way before
But maybe it was meant this way so I could love life more
My eyes wide open I now see that life is short soon out
Just happy now I wake in time to see what life's about

The profile in my mirror is now half way to a goal
Already I feel real inside - happy almost whole
I WILL get the way I want, I'll be all that I achieve
I am determined to have the drive, 'cos in me I now believe


Things that go-----

In the middle of the night when things go bump
I had a thought that made me jump
Carefully, looking all around,
I hardly dared to make a sound
Stealthily searching under the bed
I looked up suddenly and cracked my head.

The winds were sighing and the moon was full
And by now my eyes were dull
Without further ado into bed I slumped
Like a ton of cement just recently dumped.

Early next morning with the sun shining bright
I stood and wondered what gave me such a fright
Was it the moon in the sky so still
Perhaps tonight I'll take a pill.

Is there anybody there?

Oh to be oh to be
These words just seem to follow me
Why must we sight our sights of woe
As through each day or week we go
Just try a grin a pleasant word
Why must you be a bloody nerd
Throw off your mood so full of gloom
As you explode into a room
Try a happy cheerful smile
No not a grimace - that cramps your style

Well just don't stand there saying nothing
Oh! bloody hell don't you start coughing
Why do I talk to myself so?
Is it 'co I wish to know
The person trapped inside my head
The one that I call 'Fiery Fred."


Christmas was marvellous - no thanks to you
But the taxman refunded to me tax that was due
Your reaction that weekend when you drew your pennies
Was quite indigestible so I sent you some Rennies
Yes my refund arrived just in time
To give the kids and myself a day quite sublime.

Two nice accountants who worked at my office
Completed new tax forms when I got my final decree"
And did a good job which resulted my friend
In my getting a refund which sent you round the bend.

Yes the kids had good food, nice presents too
But at the end of the day where was their dad?
Who do I mean Neil - could it be you?