If I have time before I die
I'll make some time to really try
To smell the grass and see the sky
And find more time to enjoy the flowers
If only for a few short hours

If I have time I'll strive to be
A more outgoing, happier me
Excuse me now for I must fly
- I may get time before I die

Farewell my friends when I am gone
And my life circle is all done
Remember how whilst still alive
I tired to find some time before I died.

The moral of the above meandering is - if you get the chance DO IT NOW!!


cathy said...

Once I sat for hours,
Just to watch the flowers grow.
I was at one with nature.
But then I did not know.
Once I lost myself,
In admiring the trees.
Which whispered ancient stories,
While rustling their leaves.

Once I was at peace,
Just lying in the grass.
But growing in experience,
My innocence would pass.
I can't recall those moments,
No matter how I try.
When I felt the joy in life,
Laughing at the sky.

cathy said...

I posted the above poem on my blog a day before reading yours.
I love you mum.
Next time I'm in England we'll have to smell some flowers together.

Tina said...

These poems are truly mother like daughter! :)