Seas restless as my unceasing dreams
Pound against the rocky shore
A sudden light a thin white beam
Slashes through the sky and lights up my front door

Thunder rolls and lightening flashes my eyes fill with tears
And I am back in time - to those troubled years
When crowds gathered so eagerly wanting to see
If a burning of a witch there would soon be.


cathy said...

The Americans probably wonder what on earth this is about but we know, don't we Mum?

Love you.

val said...

Did you ever visit the cell where the Pendle witches were held, in Lancaster Castle? When they shut the door on you, it is pitch black - very scary. All that, then they hang you.

Actually I was at Uni with a guy who was descended from the family of one of the Pendle witches, Alice Nutter. Sadly, he changed his historic surname.